Aquapol USA


Aquapol is a revolutionary technology for the dehumidification of damp walls in buildings. It utilizes an inexhaustible natural source of energy present in the Earth to push water molecules in a buildings masonry, back into the ground where it came from.
The Aquapol device is completely green, environmentally friendly, uses no electricity or chemicals and does not produce electromagnetic fields. It is arguably the greenest solution to the problem of rising moisture, also called rising damp, that is available today.

Aquapol has been drying out damp buildings since 1985 with over 50,000 successful installations. Its effectiveness is proven by the company's 20 year guarantee and the fact that every building utilizing this green technology has remained permanently dry since the company's inception. The health benefits of living or working in a damp-free building, cannot be overstated.

Aquapol USA is proud to be members of Main Street America with it's movement of like-minded individuals, who embrace the importance of preserving our country's historical communities. We save old buildings that are suffering from rising damp by maintaining the structural integrity of the building's foundation. The procedure is economical, non-invasive and does not require construction work to effectively dry out a property. As an additional note, a dry building is cheaper to heat and maintenance costs are reduced.
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