Archatrak Inc.


As a national supplier of vibrant street furniture and innovative amenities, ArchatrakUrban works collaboratively with city planning departments and neighborhood associations to support community revitalization efforts and inspire connection.

Our ‘StreetDeck’ curbside dining platform and/or parklet kits are setting design standards in cities across the United States. With considerable flexibility in both length and width, StreetDeck kits offer a simple way to expand the functionality of city streets, optimizing space for socialization and boosting the local economy, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Because these self-contained, powder-coated, galvanized steel structures are supported by adjustable height pedestals, the deck surface can be easily leveled over uneven or sloping substrates. The open nature of the support structure ensures drainage is not compromised and water can continue to flow freely under the deck.

For the deck surface, we supply ¾” thick porcelain pavers. These exceptionally dense, hard and durable pavers won’t stain, fade, twist or warp, all problems typically associated with wood or composite wood. And if any below deck maintenance is required, it’s as simple as lifting one of the pavers.

To furnish the parklets, our bright and colorful ‘Busy’ or ‘Cortina .026’ café and street furniture can be used to promote a community space for meeting, dining or resting, that’s safe, vibrant and welcoming. To explore our complete range furnishing and lighting options for public areas, visit us at

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