Community Heart & Soul


Community Heart & Soul®, a nonprofit organization, builds stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant small cities and towns across the United States through the Community Heart & Soul model, a resident-driven process that
engages the entire population of a town in identifying what they love most about their community, what future they want for it, and how to achieve it. Community Heart & Soul is designed for small cities and towns with populations between 2,500 and 30,000. The process can be initiated by local residents, government officials or community-based organizations. It is based on three powerful principles–involve everyone, focus on what matters most, and play the long game. Community Heart & Soul begins with a four-phase, step-by-step process that brings residents together to identify and honor the unique character of their town and the emotional connection of the people who live there.
120 Graham Way
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Shelburne, VT 05482

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