Downtown Redevelopment Services


Downtown Redevelopment Services works with communities and redevelopment agencies to plan for and create implementable catalyst projects for the purpose of revitalizing downtown corridors and districts. Our projects help capitalize on available local resources and create a strong and achievable path for downtown revitalization that it tailored to each specific communities unique assets.

Our mission is to help gather a consensus from each community, train the local staff on best practices and empower the residents to make necessary changes for achieving the unified local goal. Our standard services include strategic planning, downtown plan preparation, on-site trainings and real estate development solutions.

In addition to our standard services we are proud to offer catalyst planning for Main Street groups in the form of the Revitalization Roadmap and Development Readiness Initiative Training. These services will help create a clear and concise roadmap for Main Street communities to follow focusing on catalyst projects that are implementable within 1-3 years.

Our western location in Park City, UT is strategically located to serve our intermountain and western clients.
1617 Akron Peninsula Rd, Suite 203
PO Box 131
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

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