Gama Sonic Solar Lighting


Since 2001 Gama Sonic Solar Lighting has been the leading manufacturer of high quality solar lamp lights in today's industry. Using our patented cone reflector and solar LED bulb technology, Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Posts are brighter and last longer than anything else in the marketplace. With several timeless designs, we are now providing a real solution to replace traditional gas and electrical lamps with the same look, quality and brightness.

Communities and Cities from coast to coast have switched from electrical/gas lamps, to our solar lamp posts, replacing outdated or non-working fixtures, or adding new solar lights in dark areas where running or rerunning electrical wiring is cost prohibitive. Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Posts can be easily installed anywhere outdoors without digging, trenching or installing electrical wiring which saves time and money, plus utilizing green energy not only reduces community power bills but will also diminish your carbon footprint.
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6185-F Jimmy Carter Blvd.
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