Startup Space


Startup Space is a leading digital platform for communities to map, connect, empower, and grow an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each community “hub” on Startup Space is custom-configured to expand the impact of economic development strategies and accelerate small business growth. The powerful easy-to-use tools amplify the effort to foster the ecosystem by simplifying the workflow involved in training and assisting small businesses, engaging the community, and tracking and reporting meaningful metrics. Available both online and by mobile app, a Startup Space hub puts local entrepreneurship resources and networks in the hands of more people. It’s the scalable solution to helping your community’s small businesses thrive on Main Street and compete on a global stage. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit
21350 County Rd. 1
Unit 508
Dunedin, FL 34697

This is a list of companies and consultants who provide services to Main Street communities. Being included on this list does not represent an endorsement by NMSC and NMSC is not making any express or implied representation or warranty about these companies and consultants.