Display Sales


When you’ve been around as long as we have – since 1966 – you find yourself both a creator and contributor of communities. Display Sales prides itself on this involvement, and continues to partner with cities, civic organizations, chambers and academic institutions to bring a consistent sense of pride, heritage and nostalgia to the towns and communities we serve.

Whether we’re breaking out a customized banner, or hanging our signature Christmas decorations, we’ve always adhered to the adage “One Step Ahead”. It’s how we remind ourselves of our privileged position as an industry leader providing you with exceptional customer service and a personalized experience. We bring 53 years of experience to each of our collaborations. As always, we hope to understand your organization, adapt to your needs and, ultimately, become an extension of your team. By learning your business, we most thoroughly do ours.

10925 Nesbitt Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55437

This is a list of companies and consultants who provide services to Main Street communities. Being included on this list does not represent an endorsement by NMSC and NMSC is not making any express or implied representation or warranty about these companies and consultants.